About Us

Our Story
Our story began in year 1996 when our founders believed that food should be served quick, clean, flavorsome and hearty. With these thoughts in mind an incredibly delightful and delicious menu was offered to our new-fangled customers. Our platter as our tag lines says "so much for so little" is to fill your stomach and make you contented of the hearty meal.

Our team is passionate and we create and serve food with love. With simple ingredients comes out our master pieces. If you still haven't tried our delicious submarine do come indulge our tender juicy chicken with tangy dips and feel the freshness of the salad as never before..

At 'Dinemore' we want to produce food to taste exceptional that our customers will never have to compensate on the quality of food EVER which is affordable at all LEVELS. also At 'Dinemore' we want our employees to be fully satisfied with their job that they are motivated for new challenges within the company.

Our mission is to set a standard based on products with good taste driven by our growth and success.